Pulsating Winds

Pulsating Winds Poem  Orlando49, Photo from Fox 29 twitter

Pulsating Winds – Poem dedicated to the Orlando49. Photo from Fox 29, twitter.


I Am Not My Parents -Short Story by Lashauna D. Hinton #TroyU

I Am Not My Parernts - short story by Lashauna D. Hinton

This short story was entered into the Troy’s Got Talent contest.  As a child advocate, I’m grateful for this platform and opportunity to increase awareness.  I respectfully share this piece with all of you (my readers) because you are the extended limb of my branch…pay it forward.

Thank you – Troy University!

♥2U, La

Doug Baldwin Jr. … Quote

Optimistic-Quotes1“Everyday is a new day. There is so much power in that. Don’t take anything for granted. And as always… #EarnEverything”. –Douglas D. Baldwin Jr., Seattle Seahawks – WR #89

got Dreams?

got Dreams 2013, Lashauna D. Hinton

Dream On!

It is important not to let anything hold you back from obtaining your dreams, including yourself.  Often times we carry burdens throughout life.  Included burdens are wasted emotions of fear, anxiety, and frustration.  So what if the resolution you set at the beginning of the New Year has been pushed aside…  It’s not over!  Don’t talk yourself out of revisiting it.  After all the New Year equates to A New You.  We can’t live our dreams without setting goals.  Aspirations are met by traveling through those dreams.

Build and be your own support system.  Begin with writing down what you would like to accomplish.  Next, separate those goals into two columns consisting of short-term and long-term..

Be sure to remind yourself that your dreams are goals!

What do I mean by get out of your own way?  Only tackle one goal at a time.  Although life may seem short, we are overloading ourselves with too many unrealistic expectations by trying to accomplish everything in one marathon.  Our journey’s are meant to be enjoyed and not raced through in a blur with our heads pounding the pavement.

After you write down your lists, place a realistic time frame alongside each goal as to when you would like to live that reality.  Leave friendly reminders in familiar places around your house, your desk at work, and even inside your car.  These reminders will help keep you focused and ward off procrastination.  Set aside at least 1 hour each day for working towards your goal; especially if your accomplishment is a long-term goal, it will need more nurturing.

Be open to challenges…  Curve balls happen.  This is life!  Many people have families, work, and other priorities that must come before taking care of their own necessities, wants, and aspirations.  This is the challenge, not a green light for a u-turn.  Again, allocate at least 1 hour for yourself each day.  I’m not Dr. Phil, but I can surely say that an hour for oneself each day can keep the “what if’s” away!  Working towards your goal over time is much better than shoving it into the back of your mind.

So…  Get out of your own way!  The time is yours to give your dream a reality.  Even if what you set out to accomplish does not begin the way you expected it to, the middle may have been choppy, but at least you will be able to say, “I did it” with your own conclusion!

Free your mind! It will unlock the doors to prospective opportunities. Dream Big! -Lashauna D.Hinton♥