#Reflection– not only a mirrored image that stares back, but a representation, thoughts, observation, and meditation. Be a positive reflection in the state of absolute fusion. -La

How do we see ourselves in this universe?  Do we look into the mirror and see the reflection of the image, then let that be our definition?  Image is just that, the flesh of the eye that is seen.  Reflection can be defined and interpreted in such an indirect way.  Meaning, we all have what is called ‘inner guidance’ that speaks to us.  Whether we are listening is the question!

Meditation is a strong and balancing way to gather oneself into wholeness.  Taking time for yourself is a key component into the positive functioning of your heart.

  Releasing anxiety and stress, while gaining energy are also rewarding results from meditating.  Our thoughts can define how we feel.  Transferred energy is let off during our fusion with others. If we try…we can become pillars of light through our reflections.  The reflections of our hearts, if positive, can be mirrored by others; which in turn will increase radiant light and love that will move us into absolute fusion.  Isn’t that what every individual is ultimately seeking…love?  Let’s be positive reflections.

Love and Light to All!

“The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.” -Unknown

Meditation for beginners:


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