Say “I Love You” Often

I Love You * Je t’aime * Ti voi * Quiérote * gvgeyuhi * nguh eh non * Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe * Ti amo * Ja tebe liubliu * Te amo * I ❤ U

“There’s always room for love; You just have to move a few things around.” -Unknown

Often times we do not slow down enough to say “I Love You”.  Day to-day life can move at such a fast pace, that we do not take time to have thoughts of our loved ones or friends within our minds.  People are busy working, taking care of children, and running from here to there.  There are even some that are just too depressed to have a desire of talking to the person in the room next to them, let alone to think about telling them they love them.  At times your world might seem like a never-ending soap opera that’s consistently racing you through time.

“If you’re open to it, love is everywhere. It doesn’t require a specific person, relationship, or behavior.” -Dr. Steven Brownlow

Taking a step back to regain your own thoughts takes commitment on your behalf…you have to want to make the change.  Loved ones are an important part of living.  Especially being that we are here for only the time that our creator has loaned to us.  Remembering to say, “I Love You” often should become a part of a daily routine…like getting dressed.  Okay, so maybe some may not be as receptive to the words, “I Love You”, but we may not always get back what we give.  The words are catchy and if you express yourself often, soon, many will follow.  Love is contagious, so give it often, and be grateful when it’s given back.

“Life is as long as you live it, so love often.” -La

That said: Love To You All!!

“Say ‘I Love You’ often. Say it to your partner, your parents, children, siblings, relatives, FRIENDS, and pets. Say it to anyone you’re fond of, too. The saddest thing is when someone dies and we wish we’d told them we loved them. The happiest thing is telling them: often, often, often”. -Jenny Hare


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