Love Has NO Option

The day was September 11, 2001.  I, like many, will never forget it.  I was interning at Walt Disney World, getting ready for work.  I can remember turning on the television.  The daughter of ex-mayor, so naturally I have somewhat of a political interest, so the channel was on CNN.  I heard the words, “Oh my God.”  I thought, “What has happened overseas now.”  To complete horror and frustration, I saw that tower one of the World Trade Center had a humongous hole through it.  I was numb.

What was going on?  Maybe it was an accident…until I saw another plane fly directly into the South tower.  I couldn’t help but feel such pain for the lives of all the victims.  Then, reports began to pour in regarding the Pentagon being hit, as well as the crash of flight 93.  Hijackers?  Really?  I was angry.  Of course Disney World never closes, so I had to report to work; but I was afraid to go because America was under attack!

Anger is such a dark display of emotion and better yet, who was I angry with?  Such a horrendous event and witnessing the live televised happening heightened an array of emotions.  All that energy was displayed in negativity towards terrorist, while President Bush sat and pretended to read an upside down children book.  Although I have no direct or personal connection to 9/11, I was in raged about this historical tragedy because we are all ONE nation under God.

The 9/11 attacks have caused extreme grief to the families of the victims, first responders, the citizens of the United States, and even others around the world.  The government bares a responsibility to the citizens of this country.  To ask for a second investigation into the attacks would give answers to many questions that remain.  That day led to our troops going overseas to fight a war and the lock down on America.  Not to mention the economic crisis that has been devastating this country ever since.

Harshly spoken words about President Bush’s actions or non actions will not reverse the tragic events that have taken place, nor will they bring back the lives that were taken too soon.  President Obama took office and was left to clean up…and then came the infamous ‘bail out’.

Catastrophic events have led to a catastrophic economy.  Movements have been underway through the rise of an organization called Occupy Wall Street.  Not only is Wall Street being occupied by citizens of and near New York, but multiple cities throughout the states around America are now being occupied as well.  The people want answers and to be heard.

Through such tragedy, I began to remember the place of comfort within…the light.  Forgiveness is for real and finding that place of inner guidance has given me the calmness that is needed to fight the fight of peace through love.  We have to respond with love, as Love Has NO Option!  Anger will get us nowhere.  Loving the people responsible for these occurrences has to come first in order for ‘We The People’ to begin our journey into healing ourselves, each other, and this world.  Each tragedy that takes place, whether it is here or abroad, effects and affects each of us as ONE.  It starts with you…Be Light, Love and Be Loved.


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