The years of growing are just that…growth.  As time progresses you may see the universe as it breathes.  You’ve been alive long enough to witness the many ups and downs that come along with “life”.  Each of us are gifted life by our creator.  What you choose to make of it is ultimately up to you.

Becoming a person

At a young age, you may have begun to shift into a change that gave you a larger perspective of the world.  You were able to take off those rose-colored glasses of childhood and replace them with individual visioned lenses.  You began to notice that you are not here alone.  People are everywhere, and they have their own thoughts and agendas.  Your thoughts are the one thing you have ownership of that is strictly under your control.  You are the one who decides your consciousness and who you want to be.

Who are you?

The chosen person from within…  After figuring out that you are not the only person in this universe and that in fact, there are billions of individuals walking, talking, and breathing under the same stars; you begin to wonder and wander.  Wandering does not necessarily mean that you are lost.  It could mean that you are virtually in deep thought or in the transition of re-evaluating your mind and being.  To wonder if you are like someone else, or whether the qualities you possess are that of an equal measure seems to be of importance to some as they try to fit in.  Others become like a mirror of positivity, while differing to be bold by embracing the universal embodiment of self-love and creating a vortex of love shed.  Stepping into the essence of self-love increases your ability to remember who you are or who you want to become, while dismissing your ego to be love and become beloved.

Loving yourself enough to love others is the first step into the journey of #We and #Oneness. -La

There is nothing wrong with wanting to mirror another person’s positivity.  Having mentors is a healthy form of gaining intellect, spiritual growth and guidance.  Just remember, that even with all of the following, you should be the leader of YOU.  Knowing the person you are, where you are going or want to be is a major part of your being.  Lead your own life and follow those who are the leaders of theirs.

Become the best you

Meditation is a positive way to get in touch with and listen to your inner being.  Enlightenment is knowledge, knowledge means growth…READ!!  Reading gives the ultimate insight.  Sharing your positive insight with others will help them improve, as well as listening to what others are sharing, thus we continue to Thrive!  Improving your attitude can be the best change for yourself and others.  Let’s remove our egos and think in terms of WE and US through self growth and love.

“We resonate with the practice of working on oneself as a means of being more effective in working on the world”. -Daniel Sunjata

Knowledge is power!  We learn from one another, it’s simple.  Following someone is great, but it’s the process of being an authentic you which prompts them to follow you in the first place.

Universal Love!!


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