Ripples of Thrivalism

Have you ever skipped a rock across water or watched as a drop of water created a ripple throughout the entire pond?  It is a very unique and interesting visual.  Creating that ripple took no effort at all, but it was equally distributed across the pond with the dynamic intention of reaching the furthest bank.  We are beings of that very ripple.  We are love and light.  By sharing ourselves with others we create a ripple that can wave around this entire universe.

Take gossip for instance.  A person can spread a single word around the globe by whispering in one person’s ear.  What we speak has the ultimate impact on the world.  If you are putting out negative energy, you will get back negative energy.  Implanting seeds of positivity will increase the well-being of not only your being, but the being of the person who receives your whispers and so on.  Ripples are waves of thrivalism.  You are the source of seed bearing and spreading light that will reach outward to no ends.  Water creates a splash when objectively forced, but when the ripple begins, so does its journey.  The path of your life’s journey begins with your ripple!

” There’s a ripple effect, in all that we do.  What you do touches me, what I do touches you.” -Author Unknown


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