Be Present, Here and Now

Children are the future.  If we take time to teach and nourish them, we will begin the process of change.  The mind of a child is amazingly absorbent.  Even when it may appear that they do not hear you, they are truly listening.  As professionals, teachers, and parents we are the role models of our universe.  If they cannot look up to us, then we are failing not only them, but the future of our world.  Be conscious of your surroundings daily, because children are everywhere and they are watching, listening, and awaiting their turn to make an impact.  Give them a head start with enlightenment, care, and especially heartfelt love.  Support them, protect them and be a positive influence for the reflective change that our future will come to be.  Be Present, Here and Now…

“Our deep spiritual confidence that this nation will survive the perils of today – which may well be with us for decades to come – compels us to invest in our nation’s future, to consider and meet our obligations to our children and the numberless generations that will follow.” -JFK


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