“A Smile is the Light in the Window of your Soul”


If time is of the essence for the sake of traveling, then what reality can be given to the time of friendship?  People come into your life for so many different reasons.  There are small encounters, like bumping into someone at the store for instance.  You may smile and apologize, then move on without any further engagement.  There is a significance to that micro moment of contact.  We are all connected through universal energy.

We all have people who are deeply rooted to our souls.  We don’t necessarily get to choose who our family is, but there is a reason behind why they were gifted to us.  Take a look at each individual that you are connected to.  Look at the relationship carefully.  They each play a specific role in your life.  There are people who are trustworthy, supportive, good listeners, and even those that get under the skin; but each and every one of them serve a different and significant purpose.

Family is not defined by blood type, but it is by the trust, respect, and love for each other.  Your main character was molded with growth in this unit.  Your mother and father taught you great values, morals and ethics.  You have an eminence amount of respect for them depending on your quality of family.  If you were blessed with siblings you have a bonding love that is specifically catered to a unique lifestyle of friendship.  The friendship that siblings share is full of every aspect of the defined word ‘friend’.

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life.” – Richard Bach

Some friends are like delicate flowers, rare in form; these are the ones that have profoundly touched your heart in ways that are unimaginably awakening.  They are what I refer to as God-given spiritual beings that are there with encouragement, guidance, and enlightenment.  You may not talk with them every day, but they are always there for you…right on time.  Those people may become family.  There are so many labels for friends; good friends, dear friends, best friends…etc.  No matter which label a friend has been given, they are in your life for a reason.  We learn, grow, and even prosper through our relationships.

There aren’t any mistakes, though learned lessons.  People that pass through your life that are not of the kindest nature deserve love too.  In fact, they need your love the most.  Lessons are learned through happiness, sadness, and many times dismay.  Again, we grow and prosper.

Let me walk with you back to the brief encounter at the store…you could have changed a life, with just the simple action of a smile.  So the next time you bump into a stranger, flash a smile.  It pays to be kind, no matter what!

Gift your light today.

Our hearts are blessed

so deeply with love.

Like a window glares

brightness, illuminating

so beautifully.

Along our life journey, we begin to take in the energy of others.  Some will become our friends, others acquaintances, then you have those that are just passing through.  This is the essence of friendship. -La


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