Stay clear, be easy and Live Life

You can't see the light if the fog is in the way. -Lashauna D. Hinton

Life comes with many obstacles.  We are born not knowing who we are.  We grow in stages and in-between we find ourselves at times confused, misguided, or even rebellious.  No one escapes life without being side tracked by the fog of circumstance.  Each milestone growing up was faced with a circumstance, a situation that was filled with lessons.  These obstacles may have been significant or minuet, but either way they played a part in the shaping of your character.

As adults we have a responsibility to ourselves to be the best person that we can be.  It is not a given or an expectancy that we are to behave within a certain aspect.  We become the person that we allow ourselves to be.

We have choices.  We make them every minute of each day.

It is the direction chosen that will determine your circumstance.  We have to live, grow, and be enlightened in order to embrace the want to acknowledge the light within.  The other side of the fog is vibrant and filled with optimism.  Full of adventure and most importantly…life!  Remembering to love you and be yourself in the midst of chaos is the key to extending yourself.  The fogs of life can be hard, but when you are in your corner, you can blindly see through any obstacle in front of you.

Stay clear, be easy and Live Life.

When you get knocked down and feel out for the count, look up; because truly you are Still Standing. -Lashauna D. Hinton


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