Be Alive, While You Are Living

Imagine, believe, then leave a trail. Live your dreams. -Lashauna D. Hinton

Often times we become discouraged by the weight and pressure that our loved ones and society place upon us.  Dreams and aspirations are only definitions when they lack application.  If you have a dream…a vision, you owe it to yourself to light your own path.  Advice comes in many forms, but no one knows you better than you know yourself.  It is easy to become side tracked if you allow it.  Learn to make your own decisions and if you get knocked down in the process, get back up and keep moving; because you are Still Standing.  Your ambition will determine your goal.  Once you have figured out your placement and if it is without ego, you will be able to help someone else along the way.  Opportunity is everywhere…go foot a trail!

Be Alive, While You Are Living. -Lashauna D. Hinton


2 thoughts on “Be Alive, While You Are Living

  1. amywriting says:

    I love this – it’s taken/taking me a long time to learn that I am the only one who knows me best. I have found that I have copied and looked to everyone else to see who I am and I never (until 6 years ago) started to take that journey to know who I am. I think lots of people never find this out,

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