U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Encounters Unforseen T-shirt Controversy

U.S. Women’s Soccer Victory: London 2012


Lashauna D. Hinton

August 10, 2012

Winning their fourth gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics, the U.S. women’s soccer team exceeded their goal.  They defeated Japan and celebrated their victory (which was a great accomplishment) by proudly waving the American flag and wearing Nike T-shirts that boldly read: “Greatness has been found.”  However, controversy over the shirts has spread across the globe and some have found the slogan to be offensive.  The slogan is no different from any other sports t-shirt that reads in the essence of athletic inspiration.

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Hands down, athletes operate on a self-confidence and belief bases, which at times may become ego feed if they are not careful.  One has to directly program them self to be confident and internally competitive if they want to succeed.  The game, any game, can be a beast.  If an athlete does not first believe that they are the best at their sport, then they will not become a great performer.  Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong, and Babe Ruth are a few driven athletes who have all been victims of scrutiny due to the presumption of arrogance when it came to their professional personalities.

Again, if a person does not believe in them self, they will fall flat.  Whether an athlete plays their sport on the court, field, turf, water, ice, or sand does not necessarily mean that the individual has an automatic egotistical mindset.  It is when the athlete becomes outwardly verbal and boastful about his or her accomplishments is where the tide turns egotistic.  Humble, yet self-confident team players surround the majority of many sporting organizations.  This topic can also be applied to many other professionals like the acting community, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and even doctors.  Raise your hand if would go under the knife of a doctor who didn’t seem confident in his ability to perform a procedure!  There have been many public professionals that have proven the ability to turn off their ego once it had become apparent.  Everyone has suffered from egotism at a time or two in their lives.  It’s how you handle your ego’s presence and thereafter which makes all the difference.  Having self belief and confidence is a must, but not getting overt and disrespectful will help in the prevention of failure in the long run.

In this case, the bottom line; it’s a t-shirt.  The women weren’t running at their opponent pointing fingers in outspoken distaste.  We must remember that at the end of the day, sports are for the enjoyment of the enthusiast.  Through their abilities the athletes enjoy personal gain; but their efforts to entertain us must not go unnoticed, at best!

Congratulations, to ALL the winners at the London 2012 Olympics!

“It’s all in the mind. Whatever you visually prepare comes true.” Carli Lloyd, U.S. women’s soccer team


[Nike T-shirts: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/]

[Photo: U.S. midfielder Carli Lloyd, who scored both goals and goalkeeper Hope Solo (Michael Regan / Getty Images)]


2 thoughts on “U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Encounters Unforseen T-shirt Controversy

  1. Ken says:

    Let the truth be told. Excellent story. The worst part about the whole situation with the tee’s is the negative comments made by Americans. What! Good job girls.

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