A True Story of Selfless Love, by Daniel Sunjata

A True Story of Selfless Love


Daniel Sunjata

October 4, 2012

“True story. I knew a woman past middle age who renounced the world and all it’s vanity and moved to India. She started an organization called Hearts Healing Hunger. She had no money. She had no food with which to heal hunger. She just went on faith. Every day she would post on her website requests for donations; reminding folks that there are those in this world that are quite literally FORGOTTEN. And with whatever meager supplies she had, she would prepare the food with her own hands, load it into a broken down rickshaw and deliver it to them herself; plate by home-made plate. Rice. Lentils. Crusts of bread. Anything to fill their bloated and malnourished bellies. She Told me she would go up into the mountains with her rickshaw and food supplies and out of the forest they would come naked. Emaciated. Literally STARVING. And she would hand them sustenance prepared with love until she ran out and had no more to give she asked me once, “Daniel can you help me with this work?”, and of course I said yes. I sent her a box of things she said they needed blankets, bandaids, non-perishables, socks, aspirin, but she never picked up my shipment. I was confounded as to why, but recently I found out. She succumbed 2 an aggressive cancer that took her very life. She died serving the forgotten of this world. She died FOR them. & in doing so she showed me the true meaning of selflessness, love, harmlessness, & service. Garda Ghista is my hero & i ask you to please pray for her & for those whose suffering she sought 2 ameliorate through her work. I also ask you 2 make a commitment to do something random, kind, and loving for someone who can not possibly return the favor at least once a week. For this is the only way we can ever hope 2 truly change this cold cruel beautiful world. Be the change you wish 2C. Do not delay. Love is in need of love. “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40. & ps: she was not a Christian. But if you think she is not in heaven you are indeed a fool:)” –Daniel Sunjata


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