The Mirror of Innocence: Raising Children

The Mirror of Innocence: Raising Children

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” -Khalil Gibran

Children are born with amazing instincts, yet they are like blank canvases. They learn a multitude of information from their immediate dwellings, regardless of their biological make-up. Everything is taught. Everything has to be given a meaning. They are officially programmed and un-programmed during their childhoods. We mold and shape them, while they mirror us. They listen and hear everything. As parents and guardians we have a responsibility to show up for them. A Parent in the home doesn’t always mean that parent is present. If no one shows up (parent, guardian, or caretaker) the child can become lost. They might begin to look for meaning and purpose outside of the home. Often times they are looking where they have no business being; where they may fall into the wrong hands and into dangerous situations.

They need validity.  Who better to give it to them than their parents? Life and love begins at home. No parent is perfect, or will do everything right when it comes to raising children. Yes, life can be hectic, complicated, and even short, but you don’t get any second chances to raise a child. Slow down, because tomorrow might be too late. Parenting isn’t easy, but the gains of seeing your child as a respectful and well-rounded individual are all the reward that is needed!

Be their inspiration…♥


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