On The Edge

On The Edge


Lashauna D. Hinton

February 15, 2013

“One and four Americans will face mental illness this year.” –National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Mental illness is on the rise; not only in America, but worldwide. Schizophrenia, to be specific, affects 1 out of 100 individuals. It recognizes no racial, religious or economical boundaries. The onset of the disease may appear in men and women between the ages of 18-25.

The suicide rate amongst teenagers is a growing epidemic. Teens with schizophrenia have an attempted suicide rate of approximately 50%.

THE WATER’S EDGE, written and directed by producer David Sauers, is a film dedicated to a man’s life journey with the mental illness of schizophrenia.

“THE WATER’S EDGE is dedicated to my younger brother, MARK SAUERS. He died in Northern California shortly after filming.  He was killed by a hit-and-run driver.  Mark, a schizophrenic, made the streets his home.  This film is for and about him.  I had not spoken with Mark prior to his death in over four years.” –David Sauers

There is no known cure for schizophrenia. Psycho-social therapy and anti-psychotic medications have high rates of effectiveness as forms of treatment with an early diagnosis.

For additional information on schizophrenia and mental illness, please visit the following links:

National Institute of Mental Health


National Alliance on Mental Illness


Child and Adolescent Action Center (CAAC)


The Water’s Edge


*May is mental health awareness month.


2 thoughts on “On The Edge

  1. Tiffany Sudduth says:

    Very beautifully written Lashauna, I always enjoy reading your posts, and as someone who suffers from major depression I will never know words enough to thank you and everyone else who is outspoken on behalf of the mentally ill. Love and light to you always 🙂

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