About Lashauna D. Hinton

Live to Love Life…

Lashauna D. Hinton is a Author/Poet/Screenwriter/Film Producer/Journalist, with degrees in Radio/TV Broadcasting and Psychology/Sociology. As an advocate and activist she supports Child/Youth, Change, The Occupy Movement, 9/11 Truth, Love, Spirituality, and Peace.

She began writing poems in the 6th grade and wrote her first screenplay during her senior year of high school, at the age of 17. Passionate about writing, it was then that she decided that her career would involve all aspects of film production.

Lashauna is the published author of the original collective book of poems “Lyrically Lost in Love”. This work is nestled amongst other poems, short stories, articles, scripts, and research papers. She is an Executive Producer for the film “The Water’s Edge”, and Associate Producer for films “Anna and Modern Day Slavery”, “Anxiety”, and “Shayna”.

She is uplifted by gifting and receiving enlightenment. It is most important to her to be sharing her heart by way of written advocacy, drawn from inspiration and projected towards positive change. Born and raised in Michigan, she resides in Florida.

Lashauna offers this thematic thought:
Life is as long as you Live it.

(Bio – Edited by Sammi Law, Gems Via Thailand)


Life’s journey includes loving yourself enough, so that you can love others, unconditionally. -Lashauna


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