Social Media Sensations

Social Media Sensations


Lashauna D. Hinton

November 7, 2011

Social media has given this amazing outlet to socialize without having to leave your house or even get out of your pajamas.  Some place sexy photos of themselves to entice others to follow them on twitter, though knowing what the ultimate outcome of that may lead to.  Is it really you?  What does the person inside you really want or what are you looking for?  Self worth comes from within and is not defined by the likes of your peers.  Celebrities are none other than your peers!  Some of them may not act as if, but we are all one under the universe.

Social status under the rules of facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets can be defined by what lifestyle you lead or how popular ‘famous’ or ‘infamous’ you are.  The occupying of a high status is characterized by an individual’s acquired power or privilege (Maiese, 2004).  What about you?  Consider yourself in high standard as the core light inside of you speaks volumes, if you let it.  Status can be determined by as good as you feel which increases when you help others.

Being a voice grows as more and more people begin to speak out.  Use your outlet of experience, not to reflect on self gain, but to value through selflessness.  There are many individual celebrities that engage in this act of humility.  Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me, Gone, and The Dark Knight Rises) for one is an amazing actor, but to humanize him out of his characters, this guy is an advocate, activists, and a selfless humanitarian.  His passion breathes, as his voice speaks volumes across his twitter.  He sifts through tweets in response to whoever will listen to him spread love and inspiration.

Social media is a tool of opportunity, but only if we use it and look at it as a healthy and interactive way to increase positivity.  Don’t take it too personal if your twitter box isn’t on blast; remember, you’re just as outstanding as you sensation to be.  Be kind, love yourself, and others, but always remember to tweet responsibly!


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@DanielSunjata (Twitter)

Copyright © 2011 [Lashauna D Hinton]. All Rights Reserved.


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