Recent Poems

Copyright © 2010 [Lashauna D Hinton]. All Rights Reserved.

Freed Spirit

by Lashauna D. Hinton

I hear whispers, whispers in the wind,

in my ears,

in the shadows…

Whispers that fill my ears with tremble,

I’m searching, holding on to remember.

Remember the sound, the voice,

the laughter,

the sound of giggle.

I feel a wind brush my face, I close my eyes,

to pause the silence of subtle tenderness.

Tender breeze come again one day, opened…my eyes,

to hear nothing…

to hug you again,

I’ll remember always J.

Love, Sis

[Dedicated, (K,Jr.)]

Copyright © 2011 [Lashauna D Hinton]. All Rights Reserved.


by Lashauna D. Hinton

Aspiring, the lion stands strong

with chest brave to the world,

his soul shines like crystals

emerging from waves of the sea.

The appellation of strength, possessing

A distinguished disposition,


breaths passion,

with spoken actions of soft emotive, daringly.

The exhibition of Humility, a pillar of ascending

humanity, he will, epically prevail in advocacy.

The inner guidance, expressions of science,

Lion heart,

he is you, you are him,

with wisdom you gift knowledge,

mirrored, without a hesitated fallacy.

Continuous stride, with support,

deeply inspiring, with an infinite heart to core.

[Dedicated, to my Dear Friend, Daniel S. Condon – 11/30/2011]

Copyright © 2011 [Lashauna D Hinton]. All Rights Reserved.

We are People

by Lashauna D. Hinton

Enemies of the system,

the people, we, us,

the 99%

against them, they,

the 1%,

are not becoming one.

The bank, the government,

America, the United of States,

we cannot write, speak, or any longer


Mend, the amendment,

We Are People,


hearting for change,

it’s plain,

as simple.

We need to be heard,

the cry’s of tears from suffrage,

please, why won’t you listen…

down here, it’s us.


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