Writer’s Digest Book Awards 2013

image001Lyrically Lost In Love -Front CoverWriter’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

My poetry book, “Lyrically Lost In Love,” was entered into the 21st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards and I have received a judges review!  I am extremely thrilled to have received such a positive commentary from the #1 magazine and resource for writers!  I’m not entirely sure if my commentary will be posted on writersdigest.com, but I have excitedly pasted the contents of the email I received from my publisher below.

Entry Title: Lyrically Lost In Love

Author: Lashauna D. Hinton

Judge Number: 63

Entry Category: Poetry

Judges Commentary*:

In LYRICALLY LOST IN LOVE, you put love under the microscope for an intense examination, with your observations recorded in heartfelt, personal poetry. Love, for you, is like a raw jewel you turn and turn in the light, seeing something new with each refracted beam. You look at the down side of love,with its frustrations, selfishness, and failures, as well as celebrating the joys of love and encouraging the reader to be open to its gifts. Although lyrical, it’s also realistic. Physically, your book presents an attractive, professional appearance. The cover design is eye-catching and attractive. It illustrates the title and content of the book in a boldly graphic way, which is refreshing–so often a book with “love” in the title will, literally, be all hearts and flowers. Your cover image suggests love is more complicated than that but ultimately worth the risk. Your personal message on the back cover reflects nicely the themes of your poetry, and it’s always good to have a bio note and photo. For future publications, consider putting either your message or your bio in italics to differentiate them (since one is first person and one is in third person). Your organization of the poems is a fine idea and helps lead the reader through the various phases you discuss. Overall, a nicely produced volume of carefully tended, sensitive, and honestly expressed writing. *Commentary may be quoted as: “Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

If you already own a copy of “Lyrically Lost In Love,” thank you!  If not, you may find it here just in time for the holiday’s.  Books make great stocking stuffer gifts!!

Stay tuned for my “Happy Holiday’s – Favorites,” post!

XO, La


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