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Sports have been an extremely active part of my life from a very young age.  A bit of a tomboy growing up, I would climb trees in my dresses and dirty my Easter shoes while playing kickball.  With over 20 years of experience, my dad has coached various sports.  It was no surprise that my brother and I were avid players, members of the varsity club, and both receivers of letters during high school.  Basketball season was easy for my brother, as it was the only sport available at the time.  On the other hand, Spring season was a challenge.  Unable to decide between baseball and track, he played them both simultaneously.  He would often race from the diamond to the track within the same hour.  Like my brother, I also ran track, played basketball, volleyball and softball.  Good thing our mother was our number one fan!  Today, even wearing pumps I’ll bat a ball or net a jump shot.  Although I like and watch many sports, my favorites are football, basketball and baseball.

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